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Yolanda Pepe - Plastic Surgeon

Some people are totally discouraged by hearing the word "plastic" because they think it is synonymous with the word "false" or "superficial".

Plastic surgery is a specialty of medical science that deals with the performance of "harmony" and "beauty" on the lines of the human face and body. Aesthetic medicine is the science that deals with all documented safe and effective methods of improving the appearance of people by physical or artificial means. Modern aesthetic plastic surgery has evolved so as to say by joking that there are no more ugly women.

Dr. GIOLANTA PEPE presents us with the latest methods and treatments in the services of beauty

All the secrets of Face Lifting

Inevitably over the years, the tissues of the person relax. Face aging is a natural process characterized by reduction of subcutaneous fat, thinning of the skin, tissue relaxation and wrinkle appearance....


The human body contains hundreds of different kinds of cells that are indispensable for our daily health. Stem cell work is to make all the other types of cells in the body...


The aging of the body is evident over time, with cellulite and skin relaxation essential elements. Cellulite is due to female hormones and, most importantly, to estrogens, which prepare the body for inventory...