Cryolipolysis  is a new pioneering method that definitively addresses the persistent local thickness, showing identical liposuction results. It has been applied for many years in America and is based on Harvard University research. The method is approved by the American Drug Agency (FDA) and is the new weapon of plastic surgery against local fat accumulation. It is literally about bloodless liposuction.  


How does it work and what results will I have?
There a placed two heads at the points where there is local fat, where they create vacuum and suck the area of local thickness.

Application is made with special antifouling membranes placed on the area to protect the skin.
On application, the feeling is just a pull of the area, accompanied by a slight cooling, which is gradually lost. Local cooling (-6 degrees Celsius) is done, destroying only the adipocytes and leaving all other tissues intact.

Studies indicate that when the adipocyte is cooled for a specific time and temperature then it is caused by its biological destruction and apoptosis through the lymphatic system.

The patient begins to see a significant reduction in accumulated fat in the treated area after 15-20 days with the maximum effect at 3 months. To get the best results usually only 3 sessions in the same area are needed.
With the cryolipolysis method we achieve  
- Fat reduction 40-45%
- Slimming
- Milling of the body
- Reduction of cellulite
- Tightening

Note that immediately after treatment, the patient returns to his / her job. You also do not have to use strict diets or dietary supplements or some kind of gymnastics.