Body Endermologie ® - Cellulite

Over the past twenty years, LPG SYSTEMS is the world's leading provider of connective tissue therapy and patented technology to reduce cellulite and superficial fat trapped under the skin. It also has approval from TGA (Therapeutic Goods Organization of Australia) for therapeutic use.
Over time, the microcirculation of the skin worsens, the appearance of orange peel prevails and the epidermis loses its elasticity. Langer's Endermologie® treatment is an ally against cellulite. It is a source of life and renewal.

The results we achieve:

•Slimming - activates adipocyte metabolism (body contour)
•Tightening - stimulates fibroblasts
•Cellulite - disrupts the fat cells (orange peel)
•Elimination of toxins (retention)
•Improve circulation

Endermologie ® is the ideal treatment for the preparation and recovery of invasive liposuction and works as the perfect complement to Plastic Surgery.
Endermologie ® treatment is applied by specially trained therapists.
Each session lasts about 35 minutes and takes 2 to 3 times a week.
It combines ideal results with the enjoyment of a relaxing and refreshing massage.

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