Body Epilator Laser

Laser in medicine is increasingly used in medical and aesthetic applications. Their use by specialized medical personnel is extremely effective and completely harmless.
The LASER CYNOSURE ELITE™, is the most advanced laser system. It is a reinforced beam of light, which delivers high light energy which, due to its monochromaticity, acts thermally on defined tissues, leaving the skin intact.
The LASER CYNOSURE ELITE™ is designed to respond equally well:

•On all skin types.
•In thin and coarse hair.
•In all areas: face, arms, armpits, back, legs, chest, bikini.

ELITE™ takes precedence over any other depilation method and is suitable for men and women of all ages.
It has the least discomfort compared to any other laser or other epilating method and the smallest number of applications. In addition, with regard to skin protection it uses cold air and not cryogenic gases like other devices that seriously damage health.
ELITE™ is the fastest epilation laser. In particular, in large areas of the body (feet, backs) that other lasers require at least two hours per session, treatment with this laser takes less than an hour.

The doctor will give you additional personalized instructions if required.

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