Body Laser tattoo removal

With the use of Laser, specially designed to treat the colour of a tattoo, it is possible to handle almost all colours without scarring on the patient's skin.
Laser produces a beam of light, absorbed only by the grains of the dye, which consists of a tattoo. This causes the pigment to break into tiny pieces, which are discharged from the body as they are phagocytosed by blood elements, meaning that the body of the individual is caused to discard the pigment as foreign to the skin components.
The number of treatments depends on the amount of colour and depth placed in the skin.

Amateur tattoos usually require two to four treatments over a one month period, one from the other, while professional tattoos may take six with eight treatments and sometimes more.
In many cases tattoos are completely disappearing. Blue, black and red tattoos respond better, while green and yellow tattoos turn off more slowly and may require more treatments.
The patient can return immediately after healing, in his daily activities.

Treatment is practiced by specially trained doctors.