Body Thigh-buttock aneurysm

With thigh and buttock recuperation, our body recovers, turning back into decades. Natural relaxation combined with time alters the look of our thighs and buttocks.

The surgery is performed with small incisions below the buttock. The adherents remove unnecessary skin and fat, lifting the skin so that the relaxation from the thighs and the lower buttocks disappears. The surgery is done with moods and the stitches are removed after three weeks. The patient should not make intense and abrupt movements, as well as avoid long hours of sedentary work, making frequent, short-lived walks.

εμφυτευματα στηθουσ,ανορθωση μαστου,πλαστικη στηθουσ θεσσαλονικη,πλαστικη στηθουσ πριν και μετα,χειρουργική θεσσαλονικη