new Turbo TCL cryolipolysis

Turbo TCL cryolipolysis
The method of advanced (TURBO) TCL cryolipolysis is the most modern and effective treatment for local fat removal without surgery. It is based on the findings of many years of research conducted by Harvard's distinguished scientists, Manstein D. Kai Anderson R.R., who studied deeply the cryolipolysis process and developed it as the new, painless liposuction.

How long does it last and how it is applied?
After diagnosing the needs of each organization, we proceed with the treatment, which lasts about an hour. The TURBO TCL cryolipolysis machine utilizes an advanced technology that allows a moderate suction intensity to be applied to the adipose tissue through a dedicated controlled cooling head. During the session, the patient remains seated in a special armchair while reading, watching TV or simply resting.  
The process of (TURBO) TCL cryolipolysis is certified and approved by C.E. It aims to reduce the local thickness in a completely safe way, without surgery and anesthesia, without needles and lancets, but with guaranteed and spectacular results. Treatment includes a personalized approach, focusing on excess fat areas.

How It Works
There are placed one or two heads at the points where the local fat exists, where they create under pressure and suck up the area of local thickness.
Application is made with special antifouling membranes placed on the area to protect the skin.
On application, the feeling is just a pull of the area, accompanied by a slight cooling, which is gradually lost. Local cooling is carried out, destroying only the adipocytes and leaving all other tissues intact.
Studies indicate that when the adipocyte is cooled for a specific time and temperature then it is caused by its biological destruction and apoptosis through the lymphatic system.
The patient begins to see a significant reduction in accumulated fat in the treated area after 15-20 days with a maximum effect in 45 days. Usually only one session is needed in the same area.
In any case, however, a therapeutic program tailored to each individual's body and budget is created, with an excellent result.
You can visit our clinic and in cooperation with the plastic surgeon to eliminate the local thickness in the areas you care about.

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