Bleached Blepharoplasty with the PLEXR method

FaceBleached Blepharoplasty with the PLEXR method

The eyes play the dominant role in the expression of our face, but sometimes with the passage of time or due to inheritance, the eyelids acquire relaxation and excess skin, fatty "bags", thus losing the liveliness of the look. There are people who are afraid of blepharoplasty due to possible complications and feel insecure about the postoperative effect. The solution comes to give us a new method that is applied to the PLEXR device. This method is widely known abroad and is currently in Greece, it is the newest in the context of bleeding aesthetic surgery.
The method can be applied to anyone with a problem of any age. Non-invasive blepharoplasty is performed by removing keratinocytes by sublimation. The device uses a small electric arc to selectively increase the temperature in a particular zone, evaporating the skin tissues without affecting the deeper layers. This is why scars or asymmetries are not created. There are no stitches, no incisions are made to remove the extra skin and fat, no modification of the eyelid muscles. The application is performed by the plastic surgeon in the local anesthesia clinic. Most importantly, only one session is sufficient for the desired result.
 The patient immediately after application can return to his / her work and activities. There is no need for special medication or special and strict precautions.