ELLANSÉThe Ellanse content break, available in the category of different fillers, is what we need for ourselves, which is a biostimulator. The opening opening of the same very colorful carefully in the calmly observed applications and during separations. Because cultivated in the production of adhesives of the correct color of discernment, it colors in the image of dissolution and shine. Because of the quest for color supplements Users Ellanse to achieve the required in me with intermediate fillers.

Ellanse is a safe material. Its ingredients have been used for many years in medicine, with official approval and without causing problems to patients. It is completely bioabsorbable by the human body.
It is placed in the subcutaneous or deeper in the periosteum. Depending on the problem we want to correct, we can apply it to almost the entire face to improve deeper wrinkles (such as the nasopharynx, nasopharyngeal grooves and those in the middle eyebrow) or more superficial on the cheek, goose foot or elsewhere.

We can also fill areas such as the cheekbones, temples and lower jaw in order to improve the shape of the face and restore the tumor.
The results are immediate and last up to 2 years, eliminating the relaxation and reversing the aging process through the collagenogenesis it causes, offering a natural youthful appearance.