Lifting with yarn

FaceLifting with yarn

PDO lifting is an innovative and safe method that reduces facial relaxation without surgery. PDO Lifting Threads are 100% bio-absorbable polypropylene yarns with special hooks and form a supporting mesh that recovers and supports the facial and body tissues in a completely safe manner. They do not replace surgical lifting but are a great alternative for those people who have mild relaxation or even significant relaxation but do not wish to undergo surgery.

How long does the treatment last and when do we see its effects? How long do they last?
The treatment is done with local anesthesia (applying anesthetic cream or stem anesthesia with injectable xylocaine) and lasts for 30-45 minutes. The biodegradation of the filaments takes place within 6 months when they are fully absorbed. However, during this time the body has created a grid of collagen and elastic fibers around the foreign body reaction, and for this reason the effects of the treatment last for 12 to 16 months.

In which areas of the face and body can the yarns be applied?
Practically everywhere! The face is applied to wrinkles on the forehead and midfoot as well as eyebrow lift application (these applications are particularly useful for people who do not want botulinum toxin treatment). Also other application points are the eye, the goose's foot and thin wrinkles under the eye. Impressive are the effects on the cheeks, the jaw line and the throat where recovery and significant clamping are achieved. The body is applied to chest and buttocks for recovery, arms in arms, thighs and belly for tightening.

Advantages of absorbable yarn versus prior art non-absorbable.
Full absorbance of the yarn ensures that no granulation and other skin tissue reactions will occur, as it has been observed with prior art non-absorbable yarns.

What are the possible side effects or complications when applying the yarns?
Immediately after treatment there is mild irritation at the entry points of the yarns. In the application because the face is a region with particularly increased vasculature, some bruising may occur which will recede in a few days. In these cases we apply ice-cooling immediately after application and in the following days we apply cream with armpits.

Can yarns be combined with other classical injectable facial treatments to get even better results?
The application of yarn can be combined with classical injectable facial treatments (botolinum toxin, hyaluronic acid for wrinkle filling or Autologous Mesotherapy-PRP) and this works complementarily. This means that the yarns offer a solution to the relaxation and fall of the skin in the jaw line where the other injectable treatments have milder results. The same applies to relaxation in the neck area. In addition, when the yarns are applied to areas such as the front or goose foot, the botulinum toxin classical regions, the results are enhanced and extended over time.