Face Photorealysis

Laser Reprocessing
Non-traumatic and painless treatment.

The photorealysis method was applied as recently as pulse light emitting devices (IPL). The evolution of the laser, however, has been leaps and bounds over the past few years, giving substantial solutions to various aesthetic problems.
At our clinic we now have the appropriate healing device for the photorealisation method with Nd: Yag LASER.

The face, or texture, the shine and the tone of the skin resume their initial tension on the face, neck, neckline and hands. Laser photoprocessing stimulates the production of collagen resulting in tightening of the skin and chipping of the face profile. The result is a bright, shiny face.

The difference is evident from the first treatment, while on average 5 sessions are needed.

It can be applied to all ages and to all skin types. Besides, at the age of 30, the skin begins to experience lesions due to inattentive exposure to the sun and natural aging, stress and intense lifestyle. The results show that in most cases no wrinkle reappearance is observed even for a period of 9 months after the first treatment.

The patient may return to work on the same day or attend a social event without any irritation & without the slightest side effect.

Photorejuvenation is an effective treatment, safe and convenient with no pain and no recovery time. The application is done by a doctor.

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