Skin Repair (40-50)

SKIN REPAIR  (40-50)
It is about a combination of heterologous  and autologous  mesotherapy together with Botox.

By combining the 2 mesotherapies  we activate the elastin and the collagen of the tissues and our skin is reborn on its own. Mesotherapy enriches the dermis, which is the middle layer of the skin with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes and amino acids that nourish the skin and revitalize it. The addition of hyaluronic acid to the cocktail of ingredients keeps the water in the tissues resulting in deep hydration of the skin. The  skin becomes tighter, elastic and shiny.

ΒΟΤΟΧ is the only treatment that acts on the cause of wrinkles that are muscle contractions during expression. Consequently, someone who is subjected for a particular period to treatment with BOTOX, delays the appearance, worsening of wrinkles for as long as BOTOX works, and prevents wrinkles of expression.