When nature meets science, growth factors are applied to stem cells to boost the regenerating, rejuvenating capacities in our own bodies. Dr. Yolanda Pepe explains it all.

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To keep up with the latest trends in cosmetic treatments, View Thessaloniki City Guide has asked Thessaloniki-based renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yolanda Pepe to explain stem cell therapy. Read on to find out we can benefit from the body’s intrinsic ability to heal itself. With the help of science, we can call upon nature’s ingenious healing properties to repair the texture of our skin, plump our cheeks and lips and beat cellulite. And because that power is hidden within us, the procedure is absolutely safe – and painless.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a type of renewing, anti-aging therapy for the face and body. It uses cells from the patient’s own peripheral blood, such as platelets, white blood cells and stem cells.

What Can it Achieve?

This technique yields impressive results. It reconstructs skin damaged and deteriorated due to the passing of time – that is, aging. Some examples of stem cell use are anti-aging face procedures, such as repairing cheek and lip volume as well as body procedures, such as breast enlargement and cellulite repair. These procedures are completely safe, since the cells employed come from the patient’s body.


More than Stem Cells: Growth Factors

Recently, a breakthrough technique of enriching stem cell with growth factors multiplied the effectiveness of stem cell treatments and brought longer-lasting results. It is essentially based on the cells’ regenerative and reconstructing capacities for healing. The cells are injected into the skin and hypodermic tissue.

This new method of transferring autologous growth factors from the patient’s blood to their skin promises significantly improved wrinkle reduction results as compared to previous methods. Cells are isolated with a simple, easy and pain-free process that starts with blood collection. After that, blood is processed based following special laboratory protocols in order to isolate the PRP, the platelet rich plasma.

Boosting the Body’s Capacity for Healing

By applying these growth factors, we stimulate endogenous hyaluronic acid, which is one of the main substances found in our skin. Combining growth factors with fat stem cells leads to quicker, optimal anti-aging results.

Platelets are very important in our bodies, as they stop bleeding and regenerate cells in the body and vessels, releasing various growth factors. Enriching them with more growth factors increases their potential.

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Stem Cells + Growth Factors = Long Lasting Results

Aged skin is dry and holds less collagen. It has low elasticity, lower concentration of hyaluronic acid and limited ability for hydration.

After injecting the stem cells, there is a burst of collagen from activated cells (fibroplasts) and hydration and elasticity are improved. This procedure lasts 15-30 minutes, leaves no marks and is painless, as we use cryoanalgesia locally.

This is a revolutionary method with impressive results, based on the natural process of cell activation. All injectables are biologic come from the same patient’s body. It is ideal for patients looking for a long-lasting, non-invasive treatment free from foreign substances.

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