Breast Asymmetry - Anisomasty

Anisomasty or Breast Asymmetry, is a congenital malformation affecting a different size or type of breast or subplasm of another breast, mass, nipple, or skin envelope (e.g., tubular breasts). Depending on the type and extent of the problem, corresponding techniques are used which include the whole range of aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery. Interventions require highly thoughtful planning and experienced surgeon. The end result will relive the self-confident and feminine energy that's inside you. The surgery is performed with general anesthesia, lasting one to three hours, and staying in the clinic is one day. For full recovery, the patient has to wait for three days and for the next 30 days, a special bra should be used. Combinational procedures are often required to achieve the desired effect. The result is directly visible and natural. Your breasts get a normal shape and are equal to each other.

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