Body Breast augmentation

The female breast is the object of worship, a timeless symbol of maternity and femininity of a woman. It expresses sexuality and emphasizes the self-confidence.

Breast augmentation is one of the most frequent interventions in plastic surgery. It increases the volume by giving the chest the desired size and shape. It is aimed at women with a small chest or as long as their chest has lost their volume and shape after weight loss or pregnancy or over time.
This is one of the most popular and safe interventions in the quantum of Plastic Surgery. Newer generation silicone inserts not folding are used. The surgical incisions are hidden in specially selected areas so that they are not visible and the incision is in the sub-fold aspect and is about 4 cm long. Alternatively, the incision is made in the hay feeder.

The choice of size is a combination of your wishes and the physician's objective opinion that the breasts are harmonious with respect to the rest of the body. Important parameters that determine the size choice are the pre-existing anatomy and size of your chest, the elasticity of your skin and your body type.
The latest technology inserts are elastic and have the texture that also has a normal breast.
The following extensive and scientifically substantiated research into the safety of silicone inserts (and their potential incrimination for various diseases), the following were found:
 •Silicone inserts do not cause disease or increase the likelihood of a disease, including breast cancer and autoimmune diseases.
•Silicone inserts do not affect breastfeeding as long as breast implants are securely positioned with the correct technique.

The plane of placement of the insert may be below the mass gland, under the muscle or under its fascia. The latter technique is gaining more and more ground due to its natural result, the harmonic breast image and the lower percentage of complications. The choice of location of the insert depends, among other things, on the type of insert used, the size of the pre-existing breast and the degree of growth you desire. Be aware that there are cases where chest inserts need to be replaced. Also, the larger the insert is chosen, the more likely it is to lose weight.

There is, according to official figures from the global medical community, a small possibility of a capsule around the breast implants. Rates in the world literature reach 20% over twenty years. The physician during the first visit will explain in detail what this means and how it is treated.

Over the years the appearance of your breasts is reasonable to change. This may be due to weight, fluctuations in your weight, aging and skin relaxation. If after a few years you are unhappy with the appearance of your breast, there may be evidence of a supplemental breast reconstruction surgery. Each patient receives a copy and ID number of the type of the insert used in his case so that there is consistent postoperative follow-up and there is no doubt about the quality of the insert used.

The patient's stay in the clinic is one day. The postoperative course is smooth and the person returns to the daily routines immediately. The patient after the breast augmentation acquires the chest she always wanted and of course her self-confidence.

Detailed information on your case will be given after your examination by the Plastic Surgeon.