Body Breast lift

The desire of every woman for a beautiful and symmetrical chest is completely justified. Today with the advancement of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery this can easily be achieved. Patients, after weight loss or after pregnancy and breastfeeding, have a fall in their breasts. The result is to create aesthetic and functional problems since the fall of the breast-nipple requires the continued use of brassiere even in the summer months. There are also problems in choosing a suitable garment because of the "empty" upper breast.

Before surgery, a design is made to achieve a regeneration of the breast to be brought up together with the nipple in the new position and at the same time to get rid of the excess skin. The breast is regenerated with internal stitches and placed in a higher position as does the nipple. Finally, with the regeneration of the breast, an increase in size is achieved as the skin relaxation decreases. The surgery is performed with general narcosis and the wound is closed with an absorbable stitch and adhesive tape leaving only a vertical scar. In some cases a drain is placed on the next day.

The patient wears a special bra for a month.

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