Body Growth in calves

Growth in calves is an operation of harmonizing the calf's point with the rest of the body. Remove fat from the excess points, such as buns, belly, arms, knees and added homogeneously to the calves. The process is done with two techniques depending on the result we want to achieve. By placing silicone inserts in the concave, with a very small incision, a few centimeters, under the skin behind the knee and with the addition of hyaluronic acid in an injectable form. By using your own fat, lipoplasty, remove excess fat from one area and add it to the calf area.

The surgery is done with slight anesthesia and restoration is required for one week to prevent swelling of the foot. Because of the hidden cutoff a few centimeters behind the knee, the end result is amazing and invisible. Get the calves you always wanted without anyone taking over your little secret.