Body Reduced Breast

The surgery to reduce the size of the breasts is made for functional ones, such as a reduction in breast volume and weight, dermatitis in the underlying aspect, neck pain, weakness in athletic activity, and aesthetic reasons. Depending on the patient's body type, the magnitude of the reduction is also adjusted. The surgery involves removing a portion of the mass gland, fat and excess skin as well as a corresponding reduction in the diameter of the nipple where necessary. At the same time, the nipple and breast are recovered in a new position, symmetrically on both sides.

The main feature of the procedure is the formation of a beautiful and desirable breast while reducing the postoperative scars. The scars are differentiated from the other techniques due to the very short length of the horizontal sections which, after a short period of time, disappear ideally. The surgery lasts for about two to three hours and is always under general anesthesia. The patient postoperatively has a first perception of the final aesthetic effect, which in its final form is completed near the end of the first month. The procedure is free from particular pain and discomfort and the patient returns to her home the next day. The postoperative effect is very harmonious and natural. At the same time, many of the problems caused by the heavy chest in the back and the overall posture of the body are corrected, while many activities that the woman avoided until then (sports, walking etc) are possible.

Detailed information on your case will be given after your examination by the Plastic Surgeon.

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